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In The Press: Remark Magazine 2014 "Modern Day Jetiquette - Exploring The Private Plane Experience."

By: Hillary Runge

Remark Magazine: September / October 2014

Remark Magazine: September / October 2014

If you have been invited to fly on a private plane, you have just received a Golden Ticket from Willie Wonka himself. After you have RSVPd in your best "Absolutely. Darling"  for this luxe trip, what should you know about flying private? Well, it ain't your momma's station wagon...

KNOW YOUR RIDE: You would "Google" a prospective blind date would you not? Private aircraft can range from a four (4) seat light jet to a luxury beauty jet. (e.g., a GV or G-live) - No two planes are the same. If you show up with 4 cases of luggage to sit on a light jet, your luggage may wind up staying home. Conversely, it would not be appropriate to show up in cut off shorts and a bikini top for a ride on a GV (unless you were already cast in that video.)

On smaller light jets, you will be given a seat and the cargo space is extremely limited. Heavy jets tend to be the quintessential aircraft for luxury with space to recline, dining and work areas, and a flight attendant. These are many different shapes and sizes of aircraft in between those two extremes. One client was surprised to discover that some private aircraft do not offer lavatories with doors. The lavatory is a passenger seat that can be separated from the rest of the passengers by a curtain. On a co-ed flight, this can prove a bit daunting for the bathroom shy. Educate yourself on what to expect so that you are most comfortable during your trip.

DUDE, WHERE'S YOUR CAR? The terminal or FBO (Fixed Based Operatior) is the small terminal building most private aircraft's for takeoff and landing. The staff is usually very accommodating, especially in larger cities. Call ahead and ask if they have parking available for the length of your trip  as parking maybe limited. The staff will advise you as to what is available. If you are a Runge International, LLC. client we will handle all details for you per your request. 

HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST: Much like a dinner part it is appropriate to bring an on-board gift for your host or hostess. If you are traveling for business, your boss or client might find that a bottle of Veuve Cliquot to be a bit personal - just bring the laptop or tablet. 



TIMELINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS: We have all heard the rock n' roll stories of running late for flights, but if you are not a rock n' roll star... Stories you may not hear of is the most A-Listers do arrive on time of rthei flights with exception of work conflicts. Being late does not make you cool. Pilots have to file flight plans for departure and takeoff. Plan to be at the FBO no less than 15 minutes in advance of departure time. 

TSA AND FAA: The good news is you will not have to stand on the line with the masses in the terminal. However, you will still need your government issued photo ID (e.g. valid passport for international flights, valid drivers lives for domestic flights.) Also, please leave your contraband at a home. Some incidents are best left for reality stars - not you. 

SIMPLY PACKED IS CLASSY: Have you ever seen your favorite stars with tons of luggage? Their glamour equipment travels Jetson-style in only one oversized carry-on and checked luggage you never see. That's because they make other arrangements for their Haute Couture wardrobes - even when they fly privately. One regular carry on and an average size checked piece of luggage that is not overweight is standard. Some aircraft have very limited cargo space, so make sure to only bring the essentials. Consider shipping additional items to your destination.

RESPECT THE CREW: Respecting the crew is key... Manners and etiquette still apply above 2,500 feet. 

Now that you have the basics down, it's selfie time because you don't want to miss this opportunity. Put on that glossy pout and pose for this hopefully first of many in a lifetime experience. Economy and Coach may never be the same for you, Superstar. You will definitely be invited to travel with style again. And when you are ready to hire your own Charter Broker team to coordinate all the details for you and your party contact us!